Ignite Sport

Sports Serve is all about coaching a sports team for a local school in need of a volunteer. Coaching is a really rewarding way of giving back to your community whilst helping a school as many are in short supply of coaches who are able to volunteer time to invest into the lives of their players.

Here are some reasons why coaching is worthwhile:

  • Its a great way to connect and journey with people from your local community
  • A chance to pass on your passion and knowledge for the game
  • Its not a huge commitment - a season usually is only 15-20 weeks long
  • You can see the tangible difference you make - your athletes and their families will be grateful for your input
  • A chance to be part of something bigger than yourself and positively impact NZ sports.

If you are interested in helping a school in your area please contact us and we will try and pair you with a school in need of a coach in your chosen sport(s).