Ignite Sport

Service through Sport (Year 13) is a programme with a focus on students’ serving their ‘community’. Providing opportunities for senior students to ‘model’ leadership as a mentor/athlete, and positively influence junior students and wider school culture.

Service through Sport includes a service project to be delivered within the school and/or local community, (e.g. teaching sports fundamentals or a new sport to neighbouring Intermediate or feeder schools).

What people had to say about Service through Sport

I'd never acted as a leader or role model before so it was a good experience at the Intermediate for me, helping the young ones learn a new sport. I was pretty nervous... but as we kept going back it helped me grow in confidence and made me realise I did have the leadership skills.


Ignite has helped me be a role model towards my friends, it's helped me take encouragement to my family and also recently in a holiday programme I was involved in a big leadership role, so it has helped me to get into the community.


If you are a Principal, HOD, Teacher, or Sports Coordinator who is interested in having our Service through Sport programme run in your school please click here for more information.