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Leadership Development is a specific training opportunity Ignite Sport offers for schools wanting a leadership and team building focused programme for Prefects or Senior Student groups who are in positions of influence and leadership within the school - whether secondary school or Intermediate.

This programme focuses on supporting students to understand their own leadership style and how they can use that to better lead others, and is usually run over one or two days.

What people had to say about Leadership Development

At the start of the school year we engaged Ignite Sport to undertake a Prefect Leadership Training programme. The training was held on-site with our 32 Prefects and was led by Mr Kevin Goldsbury of Ignite Sport Trust and four other Ignite colleagues.

The programme included workshops on leadership, barriers to success, and leadership styles and roles. The morning included presentations by Ignite staff as well as team building exercises. The content was entirely appropriate and relevant for our student leaders and I was impressed with the respectful way all five of the Ignite staff engaged with our Prefects and Staff. The morning proved informative, engaging and inspirational for the Prefects and it provided an excellent foundation for their year of leading the student body. Murray Lucas, Principal Tawa College.

I aspire to use my leadership position at school to make a positive difference. I don’t want to just settle but help grow the next generation. Student.

If you are a Principal, HOD, Teacher, or Sports Coordinator who is interested in having us run some leadership development days in your school please click here for more information.