Ignite Sport

Sports Leaders (Year 12) is about learning to lead others. Students are exposed to leadership styles and roles, the power of influence, and becoming positive role-models.

Education is a critical factor in growing great leaders and sport is a powerful environment for young people to learn about leadership and to grow their leadership potential.

This programme also focuses on how to coach and mentor others in both sport and life.

What people had to say about Sports Leaders

I learnt that there is no one thing that makes a leader. There are many different ways to show leadership, which every individual brings a different form of.


I learnt about moving against the trend especially if the trend is a negative influence. I also found that without teamwork the job cannot always be accomplished as it isn’t always about the leader themselves, because it takes more than one.


If you are a Principal, HOD, Teacher, or Sports Coordinator who is interested in having our Sports Leaders programme run in your school please click here for more information.