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20190621 140127Oho Ake (Awaken/Rise Up) is a framework for youth development with young people who are disengaging with their education and/or are considered “at risk”.  Oho Ake programmes are targeted and strategic to best serve the young person, their school and community.

Oho Ake aims to assist students to develop positive goals for both education and life and identify barriers to success and develop strategies assisting them to successfully navigate these. Oho Ake provides positive mentoring, support and adventure-based learning experiences for young people aged 11-19.  The programme and project overall gives critical life skills and tools to young people at a vulnerable time in their life.

Ignite Sport has experience at both Intermediate and High School level and has also worked with Alternative Education providers.

What people had to say about Oho Ake

“I’ve learnt that I should believe in myself and give things a go.  This programme changed me by helping me be more managed with myself and to focus on the positive things around me and not the negative things.”

Intermediate student

“I now feel more confident and I’ve learnt to always ask for help when I need it.”

High School student

“These boys have learnt so many skills that they now apply in class and in the community, accepting setbacks and controlling their impulsive behaviour. To say you have made a difference is an understatement, you have kept some of these boys in school, given them an opportunity of an alternate future, and most importantly, introduced them to male role models that challenge what they thought it meant to be male.” 

Craig Sharp, Principal, Wainuiomata Intermediate

If you are a Principal, HOD, Teacher, or Sports Coordinator who is interested in having Oho Ake run in your school please click here for more information.