Ignite Sport


Chairperson, Business Consultant

Raewyn has been involved in Ignite Sport since its inception as a volunteer and a Trustee and has been the Chairperson since 2012. Raewyn has served on local community committees for Te Huinga O Te Whanau and Hutt Union Community Health during 1992-2012. Raewyn is a self-employed contractor.

Having parents who provided opportunities to be involved in many sports in her youth, Raewyn is keen to see young people reap the benefits from participating in sport; particularly:

  • seeing the big picture and understanding the value of the role you play and how important your contribution is to the team
  • the challenge of goal setting and keeping on track
  • the benefit of investing time in skills practice
  • learning how to deal with winning and losing
  • seeing what support you have and need around you to be your best
  • creating personal disciplines like being on time and keeping commitments to others, and
  • all of the fun and laughter associated with fundraising activities that usually goes hand-in-hand with playing sport.