Ignite Sport

The end of last year saw a great email sent to us from Wanuiomata High School to inform us that 8 of the 12 Senior positions in the school for students had been filled by participants on Ignite programmes... including Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy (see pictures below). Two more Ignite participants from other schools have also stepped up into leadership positions and these are just the one's that we have heard about.

Leadership is one of the key focuses of many of our Ignite programmes especially in Year's 11 and 12. We can only hope that what the participants learnt at Ignite will help them along their new journey in 2018.

So we want to say a BIG congratulations and well done to those students and to any others who have taken that step up this year!! We are so proud to have been part of your journey.


Wainui Senior Leaders 2018