Ignite Sport

We ran a leadership training programme for 50 Year 12 students who are going to be Head Students, Liaisons or in another leadership position in the school in 2019. The two days included sessions on: character, leadership styles & roles, the power of influence and the 'Ripple Effect’ - all messages that will help these young leaders to be best people and leaders they can be next year.

A fun environment was created by the use of games and activities. One such practical session was called ‘Team Challengers’ which focused on giving the students an opportunity to lead each other by leading an activity. The students did a great job and found value in the experience.

We left them the challenge of how are they going to leave their mark so look forward to seeing how they achieve this next year. We hope to see that they will be game changers for Hutt Valley High School in 2019.

We are also looking forward to a new opportunity at Hutt Valley High School next year as we will be running our year 9 programme ‘Choices’. It will be am immense opportunity for us to inspire and influence 350+ students. All the liaisons who attended the leadership training will be helping us with the year 9 programme which is a great opportunity to further our relationship with them.


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