Ignite Sport

This term we had the exciting opportunity to run our Year 9 ‘Choices’ programme at Heretaunga College. 190 students across 7 classes got the chance to learn, get to know their peers more and have lots of fun.

The two themes for this term’s sessions were: ‘Born to Play’ – Recognising the Gifts & Talents we have, making sure we use them to the best of our ability and not waste them; and ‘Dreams’ – Setting goals or dreams that we want to achieve in the future and putting steps in place to get to them.

We played lots of games and activities that created a fun environment for the students. All students understood our ‘one in, all in’ concept and did their best with all activities. The students were also very responsive during our workshops. For most, it was the first time they have set goals and relished in the opportunity. Students wanted to be professional athletes, doctors, youtubers and some wanted to just be kinder people.

There were lots of really talented young people in these classes. Many liked sport and recognised that as their gift. Others recognised dancing, numbers, singing, instruments, and cooking as their gifts. We were excited to see all the different talents that they had. It’s awesome when young people are able to recognise what they believe they are good at, it can give them a great sense of purpose. Our challenge to them was to try do the best they can with their gifts as you never know what you can achieve and what opportunities may come when you do.

We are looking forward to Term 4 when we get the chance to see these groups again and share other themes: Values, Who’s in your corner, and Leader or Follower.