Ignite Sport

It was an honour and blessing to be part of the Taita College Year 13 Leadership programme, which was run over the course of two days.

Day one saw leaders participating in different ABL (activity-based learning) activities with the aim of leaders connecting with each other and uncovering leadership qualities within the team.


With students working in 2 groups, each group were given the opportunity to learn an activity which they presented and delivered to the other group. This encouraged leaders to collaborate, delegate roles and had a delivery focus with clear instructions. Giving each other constructive feedback allowed them to reflect and develop in their leadership styles.

Day two saw the young leaders participate in our Legacy workshop. This enabled a space for them to consider, share and think about the legacies they wanted to leave at Taita College, not only as a leadership team but as individuals.

Discussion points were around:

  • What activities and events would they like to organise at school
  • What do they want to do differently from previous leadership teams
  • What legacy do they want to leave for students of Taita College

Each student shared their concepts and beliefs about leadership but they communicated their genuine passion and aspirations to bring about a positive change in their school environment. At Ignite Sport, we are proud of all the leaders in the year 13 leadership team and the impact they will have on the staff and students at Taita College. We wish them all the best in their leadership journey through 2022.