Ignite Sport

We were blessed to spend some time with our friends from Thumbs UP | Thumbs UP trust (external link)  just before Christmas. Our initial planned day with them ended up getting revised down to a 2 hour indoor event, due to the weather but we still had a fantastic time hanging out with this awesome group.

With most of our youth development programmes finished for the year we were able to bring a full team of Ignite staff to run a Top Town event at Thumbs Up HQ. When you get an Ignite team of 13 putting together a revised, weather affected event, you can still be guaranteed a great time filled with laughter and fun.

Our team ran various stations that included different problem solving activities, dancing, music and creative arts but the annual tradition of water balloon throwing at an Ignite staff member is always a highlight of the day. Our friends at Thumbs Up had a great time trying to hit this year's Ignite staff targets - Jessie and Meli!

This was a great way to end our busy year of 2021 and we are already looking forward to our next event with Thumbs Up and the opportunity to spend a full day with some of our favourite people.

Thumbs Up 1a